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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Staff Information

Adeline Hart-Billing and Coding, Office
Colleen Brennan-Front Desk Receptionist
Lisa Kryston-Contact Lens Coordinator
Melissa White-Surgical Scheduling and
Refractive Technician
Heidi Marron-Technician, Visial Fields and
Laser Scanning
Lyn Finn-Director of Clearsight Laser Center
and Refractive Technician

Procedures - Laser Vision Correction

Procedure Description:
LASIK to correct myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia

What To Expect:
This procedure will allow you to see without your contact lenses or glasses within hours. The laser procedure takes only seconds to minutes and the effects are for a lifetime!

Dr. Macdonald has the Flying Spot Ladarvision Excimer Laser-the most advanced of all. It tracks the eye 4000 times a second to give a superior results.

The only anesthetic necessary is a drop, which will numb the eye. You will not experience pain. Most patients prefer a mild sedative to reduce anxiety, and Dr. Macdonald recommends.

After the laser is done, you will go home and relax for the remainder of the day. Dr. Macdonald will examine you the next morning, at which time you will be able to drive and resume your usual activities.

Online Consultations

As a service and convenience to our patients, we offer online consultations through a secure messaging service. We appreciate that it is not always convenient to come to the office. Questions about diseases or treatment options are just as easily answered online without a rush.

The fee for online consultation is $25 on average, but depending on the degree of consultation, we may waive the fee or raise it.